Mar. 8th, 2010

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So today I finally sat down and started to look at what are my options when I finish my degree.

I know it's still early given that I'm in my second year of college, but I've always been the kind of person that needs to have everything planned in advance - even if it's something not definitive, I like to have a more or less fixed goal.

So this is it. It's still early to send a mail, but they accept international students and seems such a nice research center ♥ It is also kind of a gut feeling, so I can't add much more lol I'll also try to get a Monbukagakusho Scholarship, given that it's always easier for them to take you in if you yourself can pay your stay *laughs*

Also, I'm now a proud (?) owner of a Nikon 5000D, so if anyone knows about photography I'll gladly listen :D

Sorry for the lack of commenting, but this weeks are really loaded with work and I'm still adjusting
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Today snowed *____________* I had never seen so much snow in Barcelona, it is EXTREMELY rare. I wanted to take my Nikon out, but I didn't want to break it so I didn't XD Still have to buy the UV filter! So here are some photos from my balcony:


A couple more )

Classes were cancelled because they couldn't assure us we'd be able to return later (My college isn't in the city, but up in the mountains) and tomorrow morning lab has been cancelled too. I was able to return home safely (though packed like anchovies) but in the news it says that a lot of people were stuck for hours in the train or inside their cars, unable to go anywhere :/


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