Mar. 11th, 2010


Mar. 11th, 2010 10:58 pm
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A. Listar 10 hechos acerca de ti
B. Escoger a 10 personas para que lo hagan también
C. No escojas a la persona que te escogió a ti, o digas "Hagálo quien quiera hacerlo".

[List 10 facts about you]

1- I have the tendency to start a lot of things and never finish anything. I fluctuate a lot >____>

2- When I was in primary school, I was know in my bus as the "Pokémon queen".

3- It takes me a lot to get rid of something, even if I know I won't use/need it again.

4- I don't consider to have a "best friend".

5- I might be a little bit OCD with my files, but my room is a total mess.

6- I have three bank accounts. And I love to talk about money.

7- I could have been into ito if 2006 if my friends hadn't been so obstinate into me getting in KAT-TUN

8- I can't wear soft lenses, so I am forced to wear rigid ones but I can only stand them for 6-ish hours. I currently have 9 dioptres.

9- I hate coffee and fish (Which prompts to he question "what did you ea in Japan if you don't like sushi?!" orz)

10- I am currently friends with a girl who bullied me as a kid (the roads you walk in life...)

Because I had Thursday off, I went with a friend to take some photos )


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