Jun. 19th, 2010

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Just one exam left! *cheers*

These days I'm going to the neighbourhood library, since they ask for Students ID in the uni (not my uni, of course lol) one. This one's a bit further and only 5 mins away from the beach woes. Here are some pics from the way there (event though no one cares lol)

Piccies! )

On the other hand omg Prologue of Patch *____________* I know we have the previews of the PV and all that but omg I'm still fixed on those blurry keitai videos. Just. Oh god. It looks so pretty you know? Like, PV or dramas have a different atmosphere altogether: the ambientation, the camera angles, the photography, the possible YokoHina interaction... It makes me a little sadface I didn't choose something more artistic as a major, but let's face it, I lack the talent nor the backbone to do something of the sort. I am a person who likes to follow a leader and just to as she's told. Responsabilities stress me so much because I always strive for perfection. But yeah, shiny *___* And I've been working on this post for so long that the SCP performances are already out! So a couple of thoughts:
  • WW: Man, they look SO HAPPY! Alissa pointed out that they always do but it was like, something that really hit me this time, how much fun they were having and how it looked like they were about to burst laughing. Also, I can has Kura tummy *___* and wtf that hip roll, Ryo lol
  • BJ: It just felt like Eden II *laughs* Which, of course, it's good! I love this song but I always feel it's a really hard one to sing, for some reason. But anything with instruments will have my approval :DV

Changing of subject again, anyone who knows me will know that I hate conflicts. I avoid them. I try to ignore them until I have to face them. And this time has come. The issue is well, to keep it short, a month or so ago people from my class were going to have dinner and then clubbing - I couldn't go to the dinner, so with J and E, who couldn't either because they had a project to do, we planned to go later to the party and meet at 23:20 at a underground station. At about 9 I receive a message from J telling me that they won't be able to come, so I am all emo and decide to go to sleep early to avoid self-destructive issues. I am awoken not even an hour later (about 11:45) with a phone call from E, asking why aren't we there (I am always extremely punctual) and nearly crying because everything closes at 12 ans she couldn't go back to her home, that is in the outskirts. I tell her to hurry and come to my house, so the thing is - they had a fight and J sent that message to... well, fuck her up, being myself a co-victim. You can't imagine how angry I was. So, from this day on I kind of... ignored J, until two days ago she sent me a text saying "You've been rather cold, I want to talk to you after exams". And I am like... WELL I DON'T. It's just. Urgh. I hate this =_______________=

Also, we wanted to go to China as a family trip, but everything is booked and the remaining prices are too high - so with mom we started searching for other places (like Canada or New York) and then dad got angry because he wanted to go to China. WTF. It seems like I'm the adult one here, always trying to plan things in advance and adapting... *sighs* I just feel that whenever I announce any project I have, it inevitably ends in a disaster...

So, that was probably most boring entry ever. Kudos if you read it all lol Some cute fanart to make up for it!


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