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So, exams are over (in fact, a week and a half ago...) :DV Though not all the marks are known still :XX I've been trying to keep me a bit busy these days, going to an amusement park, out for a couple of drinks or clubbing or even doing some pajama/birthday parties with my group of friends (also known as how it took ages to find the time counter in the nikon...).

Starting last week, this July I'm working in the lab of the Fisheries department of my uni in order to gain some curriculum experience and in hopes of being able to get some free election credits. Which basically means feeling like a nuisance and trying to be of help lol At least eels are cute (I'll be sad when they kill them ;____;) and tomorrow I'm in a congress, so maybe I'll be able to put some of my English knowledge in use lol

Next week [ profile] kaede_hikari and her bf are coming, so I'm looking forward to that too <333333 Though probably we just will be able to properly meet during the weekend ;________; Can't believe it's been nearly a year already!

Then on the 6th of August I'm going to Canada in an organized trip and I'm hoping to be able to meet [ profile] girlearthless in Toronto <333333 (basically this is what I'm looking forward the most with the trip lol). Then I'll be returning to Spain just to go to my parents town, where I'll bore myself to death with no net.

During September I'm either returning to the lab or working a bit, depending on wether they call me or not :XXX I've been spending a lot lately so I hope they will... I just couldn't work the whole summer this time :X And probably one weekend of October I'll be flying over to Rome to meet [ profile] midori_kibou if Ryanair is nice and offers those 10 euro trips I love 8DV

And that's all! I'll try to be more active and reply more, but please bear with me :D I feel I need a fandom entry soon so I won't wound up talking alone lol (have some poporo?)
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