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If any of you was waiting for a con report, I'm afraid I have none to offer D: It will be more like, the kind of talk that always annoys you when you read a report, so feel free to skip :DV I've already commented some of this stuff to some people, so sorry if you hear it again!

This is large )

Also, if I haven't messed up, I have all the con goods :D As my post office is really far from my home, please take a look here to get an approximate idea and tell me which shipping you prefer and your shipping address. Once everyone has told me, I'll go, post everything and then I'll tell you the total price so you can pay by paypal. I'm trusting that everyone will pay :3V If someone doesn't contact me my comment on PM in two weeks, I'll sell their stuff. [ profile] pashoshi , as the pouch isn't what anyone had in mind, tell me if you still want it - if not, I don't mind keeping it. [ profile] nfr , I went to mandarake and book off but I couldn't find the artbook anywhere (there were plenty of fma ones though...) Sorry D:
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There were many times I thought of quitting this job.
I am the type that will think
"Ah, I think I can't do it... let's quit"
But somehow, I've never thought of quitting Kanjani8.
Not even once.
The times such a thought ever occurred in me is close to zero.
I know I might get yelled at for saying this but,
if I wasn't in Kanjani8,
there would be no reason for me to be in Johnnys Entertainment at all.
I seriously think so.

Happy birthday Ryo ♥

Expect a post about this weekend... someday.
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OH GOD, THE SLUTTINESS.  I knew we had a LQ fancam, but it was shorter and not as clear and OH GOD *__________________* (or at least I didn't remember all of this inappropriate touching LOL Kura feels up his ass the whore and Ryo touches way down his stomach TWICE). How sad the fangirl me is happy with that. I shall blame it on the hormones. Again.

This PV clearly demonstrates that you don't need to spend greats amount of money to make fans regojice

WHY SO HANDSOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (Yes, I am aware I'm not making sense) The heigh difference fhjshjsdfdsfds SO GAY I LOVE IT

I need fic. And icons


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