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I want to thank all of you who congratulated me today - being through a PM, a comment, a tweet, a mail, an entry, MSN/AIM, a v-gift, a text, a call. Sorry that I fail so much at writing back/answering, but each and every one made me really happy. So thank you ♥ And don't worry if you forgot - I usually do, too, and it's not even mandatory to do so!! Argh, I'm just tripping in words again. I just hope this didn't sound conceited.

So. I'm leaving tomorrow for Canada and then I'll go to my parents town, so I'll be off until the end of the month (I am missing the single release, why, WHYYYYYYY). In Canada I'll be at least checking my mail, so if you feel like dropping a line, my mail is on the contact post *points up* And feel free to add wherever you want, too.

Have a nice August, everyone!!
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LQ trailer here thanks to Vie <3 And a shorter but HQ here <3


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So, exams are over (in fact, a week and a half ago...) :DV Though not all the marks are known still :XX I've been trying to keep me a bit busy these days, going to an amusement park, out for a couple of drinks or clubbing or even doing some pajama/birthday parties with my group of friends (also known as how it took ages to find the time counter in the nikon...).

Starting last week, this July I'm working in the lab of the Fisheries department of my uni in order to gain some curriculum experience and in hopes of being able to get some free election credits. Which basically means feeling like a nuisance and trying to be of help lol At least eels are cute (I'll be sad when they kill them ;____;) and tomorrow I'm in a congress, so maybe I'll be able to put some of my English knowledge in use lol

Next week [ profile] kaede_hikari and her bf are coming, so I'm looking forward to that too <333333 Though probably we just will be able to properly meet during the weekend ;________; Can't believe it's been nearly a year already!

Then on the 6th of August I'm going to Canada in an organized trip and I'm hoping to be able to meet [ profile] girlearthless in Toronto <333333 (basically this is what I'm looking forward the most with the trip lol). Then I'll be returning to Spain just to go to my parents town, where I'll bore myself to death with no net.

During September I'm either returning to the lab or working a bit, depending on wether they call me or not :XXX I've been spending a lot lately so I hope they will... I just couldn't work the whole summer this time :X And probably one weekend of October I'll be flying over to Rome to meet [ profile] midori_kibou if Ryanair is nice and offers those 10 euro trips I love 8DV

And that's all! I'll try to be more active and reply more, but please bear with me :D I feel I need a fandom entry soon so I won't wound up talking alone lol (have some poporo?)
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Just one exam left! *cheers*

These days I'm going to the neighbourhood library, since they ask for Students ID in the uni (not my uni, of course lol) one. This one's a bit further and only 5 mins away from the beach woes. Here are some pics from the way there (event though no one cares lol)

Piccies! )

On the other hand omg Prologue of Patch *____________* I know we have the previews of the PV and all that but omg I'm still fixed on those blurry keitai videos. Just. Oh god. It looks so pretty you know? Like, PV or dramas have a different atmosphere altogether: the ambientation, the camera angles, the photography, the possible YokoHina interaction... It makes me a little sadface I didn't choose something more artistic as a major, but let's face it, I lack the talent nor the backbone to do something of the sort. I am a person who likes to follow a leader and just to as she's told. Responsabilities stress me so much because I always strive for perfection. But yeah, shiny *___* And I've been working on this post for so long that the SCP performances are already out! So a couple of thoughts:
  • WW: Man, they look SO HAPPY! Alissa pointed out that they always do but it was like, something that really hit me this time, how much fun they were having and how it looked like they were about to burst laughing. Also, I can has Kura tummy *___* and wtf that hip roll, Ryo lol
  • BJ: It just felt like Eden II *laughs* Which, of course, it's good! I love this song but I always feel it's a really hard one to sing, for some reason. But anything with instruments will have my approval :DV

Changing of subject again, anyone who knows me will know that I hate conflicts. I avoid them. I try to ignore them until I have to face them. And this time has come. The issue is well, to keep it short, a month or so ago people from my class were going to have dinner and then clubbing - I couldn't go to the dinner, so with J and E, who couldn't either because they had a project to do, we planned to go later to the party and meet at 23:20 at a underground station. At about 9 I receive a message from J telling me that they won't be able to come, so I am all emo and decide to go to sleep early to avoid self-destructive issues. I am awoken not even an hour later (about 11:45) with a phone call from E, asking why aren't we there (I am always extremely punctual) and nearly crying because everything closes at 12 ans she couldn't go back to her home, that is in the outskirts. I tell her to hurry and come to my house, so the thing is - they had a fight and J sent that message to... well, fuck her up, being myself a co-victim. You can't imagine how angry I was. So, from this day on I kind of... ignored J, until two days ago she sent me a text saying "You've been rather cold, I want to talk to you after exams". And I am like... WELL I DON'T. It's just. Urgh. I hate this =_______________=

Also, we wanted to go to China as a family trip, but everything is booked and the remaining prices are too high - so with mom we started searching for other places (like Canada or New York) and then dad got angry because he wanted to go to China. WTF. It seems like I'm the adult one here, always trying to plan things in advance and adapting... *sighs* I just feel that whenever I announce any project I have, it inevitably ends in a disaster...

So, that was probably most boring entry ever. Kudos if you read it all lol Some cute fanart to make up for it!


May. 23rd, 2010 10:45 pm
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I'm so happy for all the support. Hachimitsu. K-taro. And above all, eighters, all around the world. It makes me so proud.

Thank you.

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I've been meaning to write this post since this morning, but I quite couldn't bring myself to. I still think I can't - like it hasn't truly sank in. I've been crying all morning over it, but I'm also trying to get some work done - he has far proven that what he wants the least is to make us worry. I truly, really admire him in a way I can't quite express. He is an amazing human being. This will sound clichéd and repeated all over the posts, but I'm truly grateful I've been able to know him, even like this. I wish I could do something more than just being here.

Also, as you've been noticing, I've been neglecting my flist and comments. I wanted to catch up this weekend, but I don't think I'll be able to. So I'm announcing it now - I'm going into a hiatus until June and my exams end. I'll still be reading LJ and tweeting, but I don't think I'll be doing much more - my energy has been lacking lately. Sorry.

Still can't believe how normal he sounded in Recomen ):


May. 12th, 2010 08:53 pm
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WITH HIGASHI (the tensai doctor) and that girl I hate Tabe Mikako (his helper)



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"I am 28. But this was not the 28 years old I had in mind 10 years ago. I never imagined I will be spending 12 hours every night hunting for monsters and for my weekly routine to include stalking One Piece's release at the conbini every Monday. It makes me sad that this is what I am now. But I know I can never quit. And neither do I want to. Because nothing beats the bliss of enjoying these."

Happy birthday Yoko ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I love this man bunches in a way words can't express <3 I really, really hope you're happy <3
I wanted to do something but then I didn't know why and I let it slip 8D

And now... meme! Tagged by [ profile] bubbalooee9

A. Upon receiving this tag, immediately perform a screen capture of your desktop. It is best that no icons be deleted before the screen capture so as to add to the element of fun.

B. Post the picture in your blog. You can also give a short explanation on the look of your desktop just below it if you want. You can explain why you preferred such look or why is it full of icons. Things like that.

C. Tag five people.


It's really weird for me to have a Kura wallpaper - mostly because I'm super picky with walls and I like News' makers more, so I usually end up having a Ryo one. But now I have a set of suuuuuper nice Chinese wallies, so I'm going to change this current one 8D If anyone is curious about one of the programs/folders, ask away! I feel stupid talking about my desktop lol.
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All of Eito came to Yoko's solo con today and they sang Hitotsu no Uta together fjhsgjhfgsd time to be jealous D:

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Icu Ani. icu. *makes grabby hands*

Icons are on the making~~
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I think lately I've been having a turning 20's crisis - the kind where you can't stop thinking about everything you've failed to accomplish so far: no boyfriend, no great teenager adventures, no astounding academic marks. And I know I have done things but I can't shrug off this feeling of being stuck and tat everyone is being moving forward but me and I'm here, stuck. That's one of the reasons I've been such a bad LJ-friend lately - I really feel I can't comfort anyone when I myself I'm feeling like most selfish person in the world. Long time no see, self-hate.

The other is about the scholarship I want to get once I finish uni to do a master in Japan. It is a very, very difficult one to get since there are only like, 10 for the whole country. And my marks are just average so I'm feeling a lot of pressure to improve them - and the more pressured I feel, the more I procrastinate. I also need two recommendation letters, so I asked one of my teachers if I could work with him this summer. He accepted, so now I feel doubly stressed to have a good mark on that subject :X On the good side, he was the runner-up for the rector of our university and is the director of a couple of departments, so his words have a certain weigh.

On a brighter side, it has been approximately two years since I joined the Eito fandom. It is the first fandom I've really participated in, and even though I'm still a newbie in a lot of things, I think I've been really fortunate - not only being able to attend to six (!!) concerts, but also for having been able to meet you all. Thank you for being there <3 Sometimes, I really wish to join you all when you say "Eighter forever!" but I'm scared that will break the spell. It's a word I don't really live, forever - because I can never quite say it without feeling it's a white lie, because who knows what will happen?

And last of all, I opened a graphics journal [ profile] itsukamata and a flickr I might never use, but *spams*

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Happy birthday Lori!!

This is the only present that I'll manage to give you on time: fic! :D :D :D

I swear it looked longer on word fdjkfhskd that's why I didn't want to post it on LJ, 2500 words look so... little D: D: I really tried my best! But I fail to write more than six pages at word, sorry DD:

But! This is filtered just for you, so unless you don't mind, only you (and [ profile] girlearthless because she betaed it for me) will read it.

OK so I wanted to just repost it to my fic journal but since Lori is such an attention whore, all of you will be suffering and get to have the fic on your friends page. Uhm, this is R so please bear it in mind?

The style is vignette, so I hope it isn't very confusing :D YokoHina fic for you douzo~~

She had always told him that she liked how the cigarette looked between his fingers. )


Mar. 28th, 2010 11:27 pm
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I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately, so I don't really have the will/energy to comment, as you probably have noticed. Hope you can all forgive me! V______________V I'll try to return soon-ish.
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Seems the problem with the laptop is that the fan isn't working properly, so when it heats up, the computer freezes (as Win7 consumes less, it did manage to work longer). I should send it to the technical service, but it is on Madrid and god knows how much it will take..

Also, next week is the Holy week here, so my parents have decided to go to the town, where I have no net ): So... halfway through the week, I'll disappear. I hope I come back alive.

Also *grabby hands*
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ilu An-an.


Mar. 11th, 2010 10:58 pm
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Tagged by [ profile] nfr

A. Listar 10 hechos acerca de ti
B. Escoger a 10 personas para que lo hagan también
C. No escojas a la persona que te escogió a ti, o digas "Hagálo quien quiera hacerlo".

[List 10 facts about you]

1- I have the tendency to start a lot of things and never finish anything. I fluctuate a lot >____>

2- When I was in primary school, I was know in my bus as the "Pokémon queen".

3- It takes me a lot to get rid of something, even if I know I won't use/need it again.

4- I don't consider to have a "best friend".

5- I might be a little bit OCD with my files, but my room is a total mess.

6- I have three bank accounts. And I love to talk about money.

7- I could have been into ito if 2006 if my friends hadn't been so obstinate into me getting in KAT-TUN

8- I can't wear soft lenses, so I am forced to wear rigid ones but I can only stand them for 6-ish hours. I currently have 9 dioptres.

9- I hate coffee and fish (Which prompts to he question "what did you ea in Japan if you don't like sushi?!" orz)

10- I am currently friends with a girl who bullied me as a kid (the roads you walk in life...)

Because I had Thursday off, I went with a friend to take some photos )
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Today snowed *____________* I had never seen so much snow in Barcelona, it is EXTREMELY rare. I wanted to take my Nikon out, but I didn't want to break it so I didn't XD Still have to buy the UV filter! So here are some photos from my balcony:


A couple more )

Classes were cancelled because they couldn't assure us we'd be able to return later (My college isn't in the city, but up in the mountains) and tomorrow morning lab has been cancelled too. I was able to return home safely (though packed like anchovies) but in the news it says that a lot of people were stuck for hours in the train or inside their cars, unable to go anywhere :/
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So today I finally sat down and started to look at what are my options when I finish my degree.

I know it's still early given that I'm in my second year of college, but I've always been the kind of person that needs to have everything planned in advance - even if it's something not definitive, I like to have a more or less fixed goal.

So this is it. It's still early to send a mail, but they accept international students and seems such a nice research center ♥ It is also kind of a gut feeling, so I can't add much more lol I'll also try to get a Monbukagakusho Scholarship, given that it's always easier for them to take you in if you yourself can pay your stay *laughs*

Also, I'm now a proud (?) owner of a Nikon 5000D, so if anyone knows about photography I'll gladly listen :D

Sorry for the lack of commenting, but this weeks are really loaded with work and I'm still adjusting


Feb. 28th, 2010 12:31 pm
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This is a log of the results of the formatting:

Video: Just last week's downloads, so it isn't that bad. I usually store them periodically in my external hard drive, so no big losses.

Photos: I lost a bunch of non-classified magazines, but because they weren't classified, I don't know what I've lost. Guh. I am aware it's just me and my obsessive need to have everything that exists, so don't mind me too much. I won't even miss them because I don't know what they were, but the fac bugs me a lot. I also lost some of Yasu's official photos from 47 and Kura's from Endless Shock, but I know where to find them. It's just the fact that I'll have to go all over again to see exactly which I'm missing. Also lost a bunch of Ryo's papa photos, but they were all from Korean or Chinese pages (most of them from this CD). All in all, most of them are retrievable, but I don't have the energy to go hunting anymore. And the more times it passes, the most difficult will it be to find them again...

Music: my Ipod very conveniently reset himself, so I've lost everything. Please hear my joy. So here, I'd like to request you to send me any eito files that aren't from albums or singles: rips from DVD or TV, concert audio, everything you can think of. I have most of Ryo's and Subaru's, but please send them anyway. Thank you <3

And I know this is a hopeless cry but would anyone want to buy a MU premium with me? I think I'll do it anyway, but sharing costs is always nice.

Next week I start labs, so I'll be busier (schedule being 9:30-13:00 (labs), 15:00-18:00 (class), 19:15-20:15 (tutoring) more or less) so sorry if I kind of disappear.
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Back :D! Still reinstalling stuff, but the drivers seem to work on Windows 7 so :3V I managed to take screencaps of some of the stuff I couldn't copy, so I'll bother you all later.

Not to make this entry even more pointless, I've translated a little poem/story I found on a bag:

An old Indian man was talking to his grandson old and he told him:

"I feel as if I had two wolves fighting inside my heart. One is an enraged wolf, furious and vindictive. The other is full of love and compassion."

The grandson asked him:

"And tell me grandpa, which one will win the battle inside your heart?"

Ans the old man answered:

"The one that I'll feed"
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Following Ani's suit, my laptop is dead.

No warning.

Today, it just froze, no matter how many times I reseted it.

Trying to make a backup in safe mode. I just have a security copy of like 90% of my images, 95% of my video and my music is on the ipod but ;_________;

Trying to figure out if I can install Windows 7 in my FW series.

Won't be online for a while, I'm afraid.


Edit: I can't even make a backup because it keeps freezing. I'm going to loose so many things I'll get really depressed if I can't save them.

Seems my laptop isn't win7 compatible, but people have installed it in non-compatible vaios so idk what to do.

I think some crying goes first.